Yard Racking



Container hoardings can supply specialised loading platforms to link your man and materials hoist to the building, these platforms are structural, so the hoist can also be tie to them if required.

Coming in 3m, 6m and 12m lengths and having a width of 2.4metres means that they are more than large enough to cover off any setoff. Our platforms can also be rated up to 24 tonne and can be stacked up to 16 high, giving us the ability to supply innovative solutions for any installation.

If your site is restricted and you are unable to install a hoist pit, no problem, we have platforms specifically designed to sit on ground level giving a large flat area at hoist gate level, these platforms can include stairs, ramps or handrails to suit your site requirements.


Platforms can also be converted into Yard racking. They can triple your space usage.

The racking is ideal for serious heavy duty storage and provides a very cost effect solution when compared to any other methods available.

  • Containerised Hoardings
  • Hoist Platforms
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Conversion to water treatment plant
  • Engineered Projects
  • Access Bridges
  • Yard Racking
  • Container Modification
  • Class B Hoardings